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Production -Please call 818.559.2446 

or email michelle@burbankcasting.com & susan@burbankcasting.com

SAG, AFTRA & Non-Union BACKGROUND EXTRA & PRINCIPAL Talent: Casting:  Crowds, Concert Scenes, Tiling / Stand-in's. Commercial Casting, Film, TV, Print, Music Videos, Independent Films All SAG Films including SAG Modified Low Budget Films. Reliable Extras, Enthusiastic Talent, SAG Extras, Non-Union Extras, Set Wrangler Service. All age ranges and diversities, Drivers, Models, Children, Kids (minors), Sports, Business Types, 18 to look younger to old, Hip, Cool & Trendy, Real people & Great Wardrobe. We also do Background Casting for Reality Shows, Audience, Audience Tiling and Crowds.